Madame Butterfly

I felt like I needed to post something but didn’t have any new art productions for you, so this is more of a diary post type thing,

Last Friday I saw my first opera at the Ordway in St. Paul, courtesy of TRiO. I went with the other TRiO students in the above photograph. I wasn’t really sure whether I would like opera or not; whether the novelty would quickly diminish. The performance was Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. I ended up crying… (but so did everyone else). It was terrific. I’d be down to go to another opera in the future.

Also, in other news, CUT (Carleton Ultimate Team) wins sectionals 2012. :)

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  1. Kayla Nygaard says:

    I really like opera, or rather, I liked the one opera I went to in Prague…I find it such a unique form of entertainment. I wish I could have gone to this event!

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